Duncans in AZ

Sorry some of the pics are blurry Brig, but the ones of you and Taylor are so cute! Thanks for having us...unexpectedly!

Dang! boys know how to get down!!! haha

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Presenting CORY MCLAWS- BRETT DUNCAN- CHANCE CLARKSON  What a Crack up!!! haha you boys sure got the moves!! didn't know you had it in ya! good work corahore!! i just saw this on kristyns blog  & was dying! had to copy it! cory sure knows how to work his magic!

Memories and BrigEm

Em and I are going through old pictures in her computer and we found some classics. We couldn't resist posting.
We threw a bridal shower for Jenny a few years back. We did all the decorations and made all the treats. We ended up spending ALL day in the kitchen and were so domestic. Too bad we still don't know how to cook.
the set up:
A more recent, girls night pic:

Now on to the blast from the past. Proceed with caution. . . We're looking really cute in these pictures, ha ha. Seriously, how did we leave the house like this:

Sadies, junior year:Memories: Skateland. Being stung by a bee the night before (hence the swelling). Feeling so cute in our matching flip flops. Emily being jealous that Brigitte had a belt and she didn't. Trying to make our shirts as short as possible while pulling our pants up as high as they could get. Feeling DANG cute.


Homecoming, junior year:Memories: Mamisha. Transvestites. Corsage on steroids. We'll leave it at that.

This is from Halloween junior year:
Memories: Emily thinking she was a makeup artist.  Seriously feeling like we looked dead. Rolling cheer shorts to make them shorter.

Last few days of Senior Year:

Memories: Manasawee Assawakittiporn. Emily getting stung by 12 bees the night before (hence the swelling again).  Corderoy pants. Abby's kitty litter.

College, a few years later. Looking a little less swollen, thank goodness.
Memories: Tucson, hot tubin, cheba hut, shopping, belt rings, etc. Good times.

Same time period, Girls movie night:
Memories: Stalker man in the background. The lace undershirts that we thought were SO cute. Strong forearms, skinny incisors.

Spend the night at Cherryls, college again:
Memories: The bees are back. Stink eye. Staying up way too late. Permanent necklace. Signs.

Memories: Inflammation.

And, just to practice uploading videos:

jade's first debut fight! September 2007


oh silly silly oj!! givin us a fashion show with her scrunchie jeans at good ol beals outlet!!OuCH
actually this our family reunion when all us girls went to town on their 20cent jewelry haha! me, tobi, sarah, & Donnie were scrunched in one fitting room for Hours! goin round & round at which jewelery to pick out of hundreds!! now thats a good memory!
k funny story here! this is  Tito Ortis he's a pro UFC fighter. he was here in Washington at my brother Jades fight. everyone was having his bodygaurd take pictures with him and his girl friend... Jenna Jameson!!!! ya! So Some people were getting pics with Tito and some with Jenna cause they are both "celeberty" types ya know???! so i straight went up to Jenna and asked if she would take a picture of me and Her man!!! haha what a dork! she looked at me like a was a retard like she was thinking.."Do you have ANY idea who i am" I think she thought I was mentally challenged or something seriosyly now C- mon like i was suppose to know!! haha wow it was a hoot!!

Seattle Washington!

just a dancin the night away!! GO DEWEY!!!! YOU DA MAN!

brett birthday last year in home town Bountiful:(

Birthday boy! Wow Britt  dang you got skills wit that hat!
The fam damily!!

Last year family reunion

Stud Muffin!!
hah oh silly ojpjqjr!!! never a dull moment with my sis!!

Uncle brer and Mr. Noey Poey the baker man!! 
oh.. boys being boys!!! do they EVER grow up??!!haha

My last yr birthday up in utah with my n laws! They got my pinata!!

get a room!
k so this is brett's sisters Nikki on the left and Brittney on the right and then my pinata in the middle!! haha i love his sisters don't know how i got so lucky with Two great sis n laws in the same fam and actually get along great with Both of them!!!
i love all my in laws they are the funnest! this is my sis n law Brittney we have so much fun together! & brett like 97yr old granma still kickin it strong!! she so cute!!
i was So happy when they surprised me with a pinata haha i had been wanting so bad!! 
Look How little taylor is! so cute! Nikki my other sis n law givin me the b-day tradition bonk!! 
Best birthday with the Duncans!!