Memories and BrigEm

Em and I are going through old pictures in her computer and we found some classics. We couldn't resist posting.
We threw a bridal shower for Jenny a few years back. We did all the decorations and made all the treats. We ended up spending ALL day in the kitchen and were so domestic. Too bad we still don't know how to cook.
the set up:
A more recent, girls night pic:

Now on to the blast from the past. Proceed with caution. . . We're looking really cute in these pictures, ha ha. Seriously, how did we leave the house like this:

Sadies, junior year:Memories: Skateland. Being stung by a bee the night before (hence the swelling). Feeling so cute in our matching flip flops. Emily being jealous that Brigitte had a belt and she didn't. Trying to make our shirts as short as possible while pulling our pants up as high as they could get. Feeling DANG cute.


Homecoming, junior year:Memories: Mamisha. Transvestites. Corsage on steroids. We'll leave it at that.

This is from Halloween junior year:
Memories: Emily thinking she was a makeup artist.  Seriously feeling like we looked dead. Rolling cheer shorts to make them shorter.

Last few days of Senior Year:

Memories: Manasawee Assawakittiporn. Emily getting stung by 12 bees the night before (hence the swelling again).  Corderoy pants. Abby's kitty litter.

College, a few years later. Looking a little less swollen, thank goodness.
Memories: Tucson, hot tubin, cheba hut, shopping, belt rings, etc. Good times.

Same time period, Girls movie night:
Memories: Stalker man in the background. The lace undershirts that we thought were SO cute. Strong forearms, skinny incisors.

Spend the night at Cherryls, college again:
Memories: The bees are back. Stink eye. Staying up way too late. Permanent necklace. Signs.

Memories: Inflammation.

And, just to practice uploading videos:


Anonymous said...

Hi Pretty. Love the oldie Pics. ITs fun to see them. Just wondering if your new "tool" has done its job for you yet!:) i also need to take you to walmart for a different one so next week we will take another field trip

Amber R. said...

Hey Brigitte! It's Amber (Chelsea's client). Now we can be blog buddies! LOL! So where's the pic you told Chelsea you would post... You know, the curtain picture? ;)

damonandkami said...

I love looking at old pics! its so fun to look back.. hope your doing good! havn't talked to you in a while!

Tara said...

check out my see-thru sunglasses in that pic. im sooo cool. and ps- i was so jealous when you guys did that for halloween :(

hahaha love ya

Flaherty Fam said...

Oh, I love memory lane. Girl, you have always been so dang cute. I haven't seen you in awhile, so I hope you and Brett are doing well.