My last yr birthday up in utah with my n laws! They got my pinata!!

get a room!
k so this is brett's sisters Nikki on the left and Brittney on the right and then my pinata in the middle!! haha i love his sisters don't know how i got so lucky with Two great sis n laws in the same fam and actually get along great with Both of them!!!
i love all my in laws they are the funnest! this is my sis n law Brittney we have so much fun together! & brett like 97yr old granma still kickin it strong!! she so cute!!
i was So happy when they surprised me with a pinata haha i had been wanting so bad!! 
Look How little taylor is! so cute! Nikki my other sis n law givin me the b-day tradition bonk!! 
Best birthday with the Duncans!!

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